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LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG1. The White Tower Audiobook (2nd edition) is LIVE!Michael Wisehart14 June 2019Tim Gerard Reynolds has made it through The White Tower for a second time and the book has officially launched on Audible. For those who have already purchased, it...

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Cover Reveal for Banished

LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG Cover Reveal for Banished Michael Wisehart 17 September 2017-UPDATED COVER- The original artwork below was taken through a full layer of digital painting to enhance the overall look. ARTIST: Rodrigo Ramos CONTACT INFO: Deviantart Gallery If...

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Updated Covers For The White Tower and Shackled

LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG Updated Covers for The White Tower and Shackled Michael Wisehart 25 August 2017 With the upcoming audiobooks being published for The White Tower and Shackled, I knew it was time to get my final covers aligned. Up until now, I've...

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Winner 2017 NIEA Award

LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG Winner, 2017 National Indie Excellence Award Michael Wisehart 22 May 2017 The White Tower has just won the 2017 National Indie Excellence Award for Fantasy. The audiobook for The White Tower is scheduled to get underway in the next couple of...

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Audiobook Narration

LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG Audiobook Narration Michael Wisehart 6 February 2017 I have some Great News! I just received word from Podium Publishing that Tim Gerard Reynolds has signed on to do The White Tower. Unfortunately, his schedule is booked solid till June, so...

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Audiobook Negotiations

LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG AUDIOBOOK NEGOTIATIONS Michael Wisehart 6 February 2017 For the last month and a half I have been in negotiations with Podium Publishing, a prominent audiobook publisher in the fantasy and sci-fi genres. They contacted me back in December...

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The White Tower Paperback | Proof Copy #1

LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG First Look: The White Tower Paperback Edition Michael Wisehart 19 October 2016 NOTE: The images were taken with my cell phone in low light. The color hue is wrong...sorry. The actual color of the text on the Front Cover is gold. My first...

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Two Weeks From The Launch Of The White Tower

LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG Two Weeks Out From Launch Michael Wisehart 17 October 2016 We are just (2) weeks out from the launch of The White Tower and I thought that this would be a good time to give some updates. 1. The Wielder Council has reached its 500th member...

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The Importance Of Having A Review Team

LATEST FROM MICHAEL'S BLOG The Importance Of Having A Review Team Michael Wisehart 17 October 2016 A strong, dependable Review Team could mean the difference between having a successful launch of your book and having a NOT-so-successful launch. The purpose of having a...

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How To Leave A Book Review

LATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION How To Leave A Review On Amazon Michael Wisehart 20 August 2016 Leaving a review on Amazon is the easiest way to say Thank You to an author. Positive reviews encourage readers to try the book while at the same time show Amazon that the book...

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