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I love Fan Art, and I’m more than happy to showcase my reader’s talents here on the site. If you have artwork related to the fandom that you’d like to have seen, let me know. Depending on the nature of the art, it is very likely to get posted.  -Michael Wisehart

Mixed Media Fan Art for Street Rats Trailer

Live action scenes by Max Ortiz, spliced into a digital video trailer I had created for my book ads. Max had seen the trailer and contacted me about filming some live action to go with it. The video first shows the behind the scenes work Max and his team put into the project, then finishes with the final product.

Note: There was a scheduling conflict which cost them their background talent on the day of shooting, and yet they still managed to push through. Teamwork!


Film By: Max Ortiz –

Ayrion: Noah Perryman – 

Combatant 1: R.J. Garcia

Combatant 2: Kenny Robinson

Combatant 3: Alexander Chrystophy

Featured Combatant: Jeremy Smith

Background Melee: L.A.N.C.E. Performance group

Choreography by Max Ortiz and R.J. Garcia, choreography input by all featured combatants.



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