Map By: Michael Wisehart

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Want To Add Some Names To The Map?

If you would like to help name some cities, rivers, lakes, forests, or other noted landmarks or locations, please leave your ideas in the comments section below. You never know, some of them might end up on the map and in the book series.

I will be continuing to add to the cartography of Aldor as the series progresses.

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For those of you on desktop or laptop, right click on the image and click “Save Image As.” For those on mobile, tap on the image and hold, then select “Save/Download Image.”



  1. Dallas

    Awesome work. Do a little bit of map building myself as a D&D Dungeon Master. Never anything quite this good and most never make it past pen and paper, but i can definitly respect the work put into this.

  2. Alan Wagner

    Perhaps “Eye to(or of) the North” – i.e. similar to a the “eye” of a sewing needle

    • Michael Wisehart

      Hi Alan. Which map element/location are you suggesting should be named “Eye of the North”?

      • Alan Wagner

        The pass just to the Northeast of Lake Baeron (between the Northern Heights and the Angoran Mountains) leading into the Frozen North.

  3. Charlotte Walters

    Your choices for the mountain and island names were great. I can proofread, but my imagination has no independent creativity of it’s own. There are TV shows, movies, and books that my imagination will pull me into the story. Like The White Tower, totally immersed.

    • Michael Wisehart

      Many authors say that coming up with names is more difficult than coming up with the story. I can only hope that The Aldoran Chronicles continues to keep you pulled in 🙂

  4. Rachel Burton

    Hello, the map is marvelous, well detailed, easy on the eye, love the colors!!! You did a great job

    • Michael Wisehart

      Thanks Rene for the kind words. I will continue to add to it as the series progresses.

  5. Chester Hendrix

    Is there any way to present the map so that we can zoom in to see the details? That would be freaking awesome!

  6. Mark Gardner

    Looks great, man. I wish I was that skilled with photoshop!

  7. Michael Wisehart

    Hey Janalyn! Sorry for the late response. I replied a couple days ago using my cell phone, but it didn’t seem to post. I hand drew the basic elements first and then built the rest using Photoshop computer software. Its a lot of work, but lots of fun! If you have any questions concerning map-making let me know. Love to help my fellow fantasy authors!

    • Michael Wisehart

      Actually, I built it myself. I love designing and creating interesting things. As my novel series progresses, I continually add on to it 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words!



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