The White Tower Is Off To The Editor

Michael Wisehart

4 July 2016

I was finally able to put the finishing touches on The White Tower manuscript this past weekend. It coincided with the completion of a three-week long self-edit of the full book. With my re-writes finished and my editor issuing a definitive start date, the manuscript was burning a whole in my proverbial pocket.

After taking a brief moment to, once again, glance over the 210,000 word document, I said a quick prayer and then hit the send button from my email provider. I watched as my hard work vanished, leaving behind nothing more than a single message of “Your Mail Has Been Sent.”

I took a deep breath and let the air swell my lungs before slowly releasing it back through my lips with a hushed sigh. I half expected trumpets to sound, clouds to part, and a chorus of angels to sing on cue. But, the moment was short lived. The sudden weight of what still needed to be accomplished pressed down on my shoulders with the force of a drunken Tonga Troll, leaving me with only a single path to take …