How I Built My Website

Michael Wisehart

2 July 2016

Over the years I’ve managed to build six or seven websites for myself and my work. I definitely do not claim to be a web developer or designer, but after having worked with a few who just couldn’t give me what I wanted, I went ahead and built my own. One of them I built from complete scratch in Photoshop – That was a nightmare! Three of them I built using an HTML template. I finally saw the light and made the switch to WordPress – Talk about a whole new world! I will never go back.

I’m sure there are plenty who would debate this argument, and I know there are pros and cons to both, but as for me I have found that the WordPress format of creating websites using plugins and the like is so much easier and user friendly, especially to those of us who are coding illiterates.

I have just recently made another switch. It’s not quite as drastic as moving from HTML to WordPress, but I have found the outcome to be positive. My original site for had been a WordPress template I had purchased for another one of my business ventures years ago from Theme Forest. I knew the template was a good one and so I re-purchased another license for use on my personal site. Unfortunately, when purchasing a template like this, the problem is that there usually isn’t a full time staff working to continually develop the template over the years. And it wasn’t like I could call up the developer and ask him to add a some new handy gadgets. That’s when I discovered Elegant Themes. (Now before you ask: No! I have no affiliation with this company nor do I get any commission or kickback for mentioning their name).

What I like about Elegant Themes is that they aren’t just a single WordPress template. They are an entire platform. They are a subscription based company that house over 87 themes at present along with a host of well built Plugins. Understand, I’m not an expert and there are plenty of developers out there who would disagree. I can only speak to my own experience. Are there problems: Sure. Nothing and no one is perfect, except for the divine. But one thing I really appreciate is their support staff. If I have a problem they work to resolve it. Anyway, enough about the platform.

My goal for the site is to keep my visitors up to date with what I am working on – mainly the progress of my books. I also wanted to build the site in a way that would allow me to share more of the World Of Aldor with my readers. For example:  adding the “World” tab where I could make the World Map available in full screen for people to get a better look at where everything is taking place. I also wanted to give the History leading up to where we begin our story with The White Tower. Another addition was that of the illustrated Pronunciation Guide.

I have some great ideas planned for the future of the site once my books undergo the publishing process.

If you have any interesting ideas you would like me to consider adding, please let me know. I can’t promise to add everything, but I’ll see what I can do within the bounds of how I want my site to operate.