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Even though the two series are independent of each other, it is strongly recommended that you read the prequel series first: Street Rats of Aramoor. The characters and story lines in that series play a vital role in the ongoing saga.


The series takes place over the course of 7 years as it follows a not-so-common street urchin named Ayrion, who struggles to survive the deadly underbelly of the capital city. Ayrion learns very quickly the importance of choosing his friends wisely. Surrounded by a rag-tag group of street kids, his presence causes a ripple effect that is felt all the way to the throne. Action, Adventure, Mystery, and Magic . . . with a healthy dose of humor thrown in for good measure.


For a thousand years, those without magic have ruled, and those with it have remained hidden, struggling every day to keep their gifts secret, or risk the wrath of the White Tower. However, as the end of the Third Age approaches, the winds of change are beginning to blow once more. Magic is on the rise. Those who seek to exploit it, as well as those who seek to defend it, will once again be forced to stand and fight. An epic tale that demonstrates the power of love, the strength of friendship, and the importance of family. Sometimes, doing what’s right can cost you everything.  

Original Concept Art

Over $12,000 worth of original art.

The maps were created by myself, Maria Gandolfo | RenflowerGrapx, and Elwira Pawlikowska. Elwira hand painted the last two (Easthaven & Aero’set).

The Character art was created by concept artist Dongjun Lu (Russell). He worked very closely with me to capture the essence of three of our main sets of characters. The detail in the High-Resolution is incredible.

Music Inspired by

“The Aldoran Chronicles”

The music below can be purchased as individual tracks or as a discounted bundle. The BUNDLE includes over 30 minutes of original fantasy score.

Click on each individual track to learn more about the music inside.

© Copyrighted Music. The music purchased here is not for re-use.


The “Avalanche Audiobook” (narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds) is available here on Aramoor Market. It will not be sold on Audible for the foreseeable future. You can find out more on the FAQ Page.