The Tunnels Beneath Soundtrack

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The magical school of Aero’set is presented in this breathtaking piece, along with Ayrion and his return home. We finish with the horrific Chase of the Jinga as Adarra fights for her life on the Isle of Tallos. IMPORTANT: As soon as you purchase, you will receive a link to Bookfunnel, where you will be able to listen to your track on any digital device via the Bookfunnel audio player, or on your computer browser via the Bookfunnel cloud, or you will have the option to download a DRM-free MP3. Lots of choices to listen. If you have any questions, the Bookfunnel team will be there to help. Let the epic music begin! Music by: “Award-Winning Film Composer” – Will Musser


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    • 2 months ago


    The use of music to showcase the feel of this story is absolutely stunning!

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