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BORN INTO A WORLD where magic is not only feared but outlawed, Ferrin’s choice to use his abilities brings the Black Watch to his doorstep. Caged alongside a helpless band of half-starved wielders, he formulates a strategy to escape. Armed with nothing more than his sarcastic wit and a determination to never give in, Ferrin attempts the impossible.

What are readers saying about Shackled…

“Best read in a very long time Mr. Wisehart. Bravo!”

- Mike

“I just finished reading shackled and I have been left wanting more.”

- Pam

“Glad you got this free download for us, haven’t read in quite a while and finished Shackled in an evening while my wife was sleeping.”

- Wynston

“I loved this book! I will be trying to get the series now.”

- Amanda

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