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Inividual Characters
Abbet Lydale ă-bit / lī -del Fuller / Drunk turned sober
Acorn ay-corn Breen’s horse
Adarra uh-dar-uh Ty’s Step Sister. Healer. Photgraphic memory (Magic – Memoriae).
Short with freckles. Plain looking. Straight chesnut hair. Inquisitive about everything. Talkative when it comes to something new. A little odd. 18-years-old
Aerodyne air-ō-dine The Dark Wizard / Held Prisoner by magic that is failing. Imprisoned for his dark use of magic. Shed his corporeal body
Aiden Raycrest ay-den / ray-crest Lyessa’s fiancé. Son of wealthy millworks owner. Early 20’s
Amarysia am-uh-ree-see-uh Lady in Waiting to High Queen Ellise. Blue eyes/Strawberry blonde hair. Soft spoken. Strong morals. Late 20’s. Very attractive.
Ambassador Belkor bell-core Ambassador to Cylmar. Gruff. Crude. Chip on his shoulder.
Ambassador Gyin guy-in Ambassador to Briston. Drunkard. Glutton. Doesn’t like to overexert himself.
Ambassador Lanmiere lan-meer Ambassador to Sidara. Strong moral fiber. Kind hearted and easily approachable.
Ambassador Nierdon nee-air-dun Ambassador to Keldor. Not outspoken.
Arina Respuel uh-ree-nuh / res-pewl Overcaptain Barthol’s daughter
Arnoni ar-non-ee Night Walker, Kellen’s great, great grandda saved, where he got his moonstone from.
Ayrion air-ee-un Also known as Death’s Shadow. He is the Guardian Protector of the High King. Known for his black overcoat and twin swords.
Black hair, just below the shoulders. Light Grey eyes. Muscular. Strong willed. Cautious with his words. Strategic. High morals.
Azriel de’ Torsa az-ree-el/day-tor-suh A seer held prisoner inside the Black Tower / Ferrin’s cell mate. The voice of reason for Ferrin. Grandfather figure.
White hair. Sarcastic wit/humor
Baeldor bay-el-dor Head of the Tallosian war party hired by Mangora to capture Ty. Enormous man. Muscular. As big as if not more so than his father and brother. Wears a cape made from the scalps of his enemies. Dialect is barely understandable.
Ballidor bal-i-dor One of “The Five” top wizards under Aerodyne who helped found the first Wizard Order
Basil  Kilburn bay-sil / kill-burn Cooper’s son / Local bully who went to school with Ty / dared him to jump into East River.
Beese beece Beese – Man in Wagon with Ferrin. He’s from Kai. Has a son with him named Cory. Friendly enough.
Bellar bel-ar Bulradoer from Elondria that fights Nyalis. Leader of three sent to retrieve baby Ty. Tall/average build/ outspoken.
Bogs bogs Bogs – Butler to Lord and Lady Resdin
Breen breen Ty’s Step Brother. Large like their father. Muscular. A sharp hunter. Soft spoken. Doesn’t say much, but when he does…listen.
Brennon bren-nun Black Watch prisoner from Oswell in Ferrin’s wagon. Married to Sora who has been taken as well. Very talkative, especially when asked about their home near the Slags.
Bue Aboloff byoo / ab-oh-loff Inkeeper / Chef
Calina Tirfing kuh-lee-nuh / terf-ing Class beauty / Justice Tirfing’s only daughter
Captain Bellos bell-low-s In charge of Elondrian Crossbowmen
Captain Hatch hach Captain Hatch – Head of the most successful Black Watch contingent for the White Tower. Takes his job seriously. Longer, dark hair with a thick goatee. Takes his job seriously. Tall. Well built. Strongwilled. Believes in the White Tower’s work unquestioningly.
Captain Janus jan-us In charge of the Elondrian foot soldiers
Captain Nadeer nuh-deer In charge of the Elondrian Longbow men
Cheeks/Sylas sī-lus Sadistic Inquisitor in the White Tower. Hated and cast away from birth, he was naturally drawn to evil??? One of the fatest men
Ferrin has ever seen. Very playful and sarcastic in a cruel way. Pasty complexion from living within the White Tower walls. Decorative tattoes cover his bald head and part of his face. Bright blue eyes.
Clye Durran klī / dur-un Former Village Cooper and storyteller/ chased dog into Jun Forest
Commander Tolin toll-in High Guard Commander under King Rhydan. Stong leader of the Elondrian forces. Loyal friend and comrade.
Cory cor-ee Beese’s son. Another Black Watch prisoner in Ferrin’s wagon
Dak dack Bully in Easthaven / tried dunking Ty in Pickle barrel
Damar duh-mar Mercenary hired by Baeldor and Mangora to fight Ty’s family. Was killed by Adarra.
Darryk dare-ick Lyessa’s martial trainer in weapons and combat.
Dask dask Poor Scrivener on Rhowynn Wielder council who has met hard times
Delana deh-lon-a Milliner wanting Myriah to come help her in her shop
Derryk Lahorn dare-ick / lay-horn Tal Lahorn’s oldest son /  died from a brain fever
Doloff dō-loff Rhowynn Wielder council member. Poulter. Very depressive melancholy. Ferrin calls him Doldrum
Dakaran duh-kar-un High Prince of Elondria, Son of Rydan and Ellise. Manipulated by his advisor Valtor. Spoiled. Jealous of Ayrion. Drunkard.
Elexa eh-lex-uh first queen of Aramoor whose beauty enchanted the great wizard Aerodyne
Eliab ee-lie-ub Door watcher for the Council. Former head captain of the Sidaran Lancers. No teeth which makes for interesting diction.
Elior ee-lee-or Head of Elondrian war-runners / Good luck charm to the men / Old. Gimp legs.
Ella el-luh Rhowynn Wielder council member who can control emotions
Ellise el-eese  High Queen of Elondria. Strong willed. Strategist. Loyal to her husband. Not someone you want to stand against.
Generous to her staff. Cares for her people.
Elson el-son Rhowynn council member. Cheats at batmyth. Dry humor. The only member who will give Ferrin the time of day. Sly.
Ethen ee-then Local Carpenter
Fatunya fuh-toon-ya Friend of Helene. Mid-60’s
Faylorn of Old fay-lorn Charging on his white steed into a horde of Kuls
Felix the Great fee-lix Hero from ages past / Stories and songs written about
Feoldor fay-ol-dor Air wielder (Vanti) / Easthaven glassblower. Gruff. Outspoken. Generally winds up sticking his foot in his mouth. Cares for Reloria.
Ferrin fare-in Weapon’s smith | Metallurgist. Stong willed. Strong moral compass. Loyal to family and friends. Tortured by the White Tower.
Uses humor as a way to fight against his situation.
Florin flor-in Florin – Maid to Lord and Lady Resdin
Fraya Lahorn fray-uh / lay-horn Lahorn’s Daughter / Catches Breen’s eye. Courting Ty’s brother Breen. Soft spoken. Very hard worker. Helps support her family after her mother dies. (Gift for Healing)
Furgus McKesh fer-gus / mc-kesh Village Black Smith. Strong sort of Scottish accent.
Garreth gare-eth Rhowynn Wielder council member who dislikes Ferrin and tries to bully everyone.
Gillion/Rascal gil-leon Old man captured by Black Watch and placed in Ferrin’s wagon. Unamed leader of their wagon. Outspoken.
Gilly gil-lee Shy, Recluse / wielder of water (Voda). Dwarf. Childlike in behavior.
Gina gee-nuh Lyessa’s nanny / old nurse who had been there since her birth. Grandmotherly figure. Puts Lyessa in her place.
Gunther Mezard gun-ther-mez-ard Chandler
Heglith heg-lith Black watch rider under captain Hatch
Helene Tunsfield hel-leen / tuns-field Angry fat female shopper in apothecary. Boisterous
Horvah hor-vuh Weasily Bulradoer in charge of The Tower’s recruitment. A bit of a whiny voice.
Howler / Sedge sedge Street Tribe chief Amarysia gives food to. Amarysia’s younger brother. Short for Sedgewick
Ilene eye-leen Rhowynn Wielder council member. Highly sought after clerk with a gift for turning chaos into order.
Jair jare Ayrion’s second name, given to him by the Tinkers since he forgot his own.
Jaylen jay-len Black watch rider under captain Hatch
Jonas joe-nus Mercenary hired by Baeldor and Mangora to fight Ty’s family. Unrecognizable dialect.
Josten jŏs-ten Mill owner in Easthaven
Kassyna Lahorn ca-see-nuh / lay-horn Tal Lahorn’s wife / deceased
Kellen kel-en Ty’s Adopted Father. Overlord’s game keeper. Strong family man and moral compass. Born leader. Smart. Careful before he speaks.
One of the largest men in Easthaven, along with his son Breen.
Kensey Respuel ken-zee / res-pewl  Overcaptain Barthol Respuel’s wife
Kerson ker-son Large clan head who challenges the Right of Chief. Vulgar. Harsh.
Kira / Red kee-ruh Street kid Ayrion had grown up with. Now Head of the Warren Clans. Flirts heavily with Ayrion. Strong willed. Fought to get were
she is. Known for her Red leather coat and deadly ability with a dagger.
Lady Heleyna hel-lee-nuh Lyessa’s dead mother
Lenara len-ar-uh Bulradoer from Cylmar who fights Nyalis in an attempt to capture baby Ty.
Lerra lare-uh the name of Tameel’s wagon
Lord and Lady Resdin rez-din Myriah watches their children
Lord Barl barl Overlord of Sidara. Lyessa’s father. Good man. Naïve when it comes to magic. A caring ruler. Doesn’t overtly reject wielders, but
doesn’t allow them to publicly use their gifts. Don’t ask don’t tell.
Lord Harlin har-lin Wealthy wielder council member in Rhowynn. Host of Council dinner party. Likes Ferrin’s sister Myriah. Coward. Haughty.
Loren lor-en High Guard Ostler. Late teens, early twenties.
Luc Kilburn luke / kill-burn Town Cooper
Lugar loo-gar Head of the Harbor House in Duport. Trusted friend of Veldon.
Lyessa lee-ess-uh Daughter of Lord Barl and Lady Heleyna. Love hate relationship with Ty. Strong willed. Exceptional fighter. Trained since she was
a child. Hides  that side of herself in public by dawning dressing and acting a little spoiled.
Mangora man-gor-uh Dark Witch in Easthaven. Fights to capture Ty in final battle of Book One. Old. Decrepid. Powerful magic.
Master Sil’foren sil-for-en Mean to the street kids of Aramoor. Forces them to work in his factory?
Medarin meh-dar-in Bulradoer killed by Valtor for mumbling.
Myriah mer-ri-uh Ferrin’s twin sister. Kind hearted, but firm to stand up for herself.
Narri Lahorn nar-ee / lay-horn youngest son of Tal / 12-14 years old
Narrisa nuh-riss-uh Cranky old bat whose husband sold her for gold. She is a prisoner in Ferrin’s wagon
Natheel nuh-theel the mighty warrior who slew a dragon to save his love
Nilla nee-luh Ty’s adopted Mother. Wife of Kellen. Short. Plain. Loves her family fiercely. Woodsy. Commoner.
Nora nor-uh Orlyn’s dead wife. Couldn’t have children.
Noreen Aboloff nor-een / ab-oh-loff Inkeeper’s Wife / Ran the business. Wears the pants in her family.
Nostrils/Captain Myron my-run White Tower guard assigned to Ferrin. He has a large off-centered nose. Faithful to his duties. Secretly wants out of the Tower.
Nyalis nee-al-iss Last of the Aerodyne Wizards. Magic Color is Gold. Ages very slowly with the use of magic. Rescues Ty as a baby. Waits for him to
grow before setting the boy on his journey. Enemy of the White Tower. The only man the Arch Chancellor fears.
Old Man Wyker wicker Has a distillery in Easthaven
Old mother Luka loo-ka Senile old wielder on the Rhowynn Wielder council.
Orlyn or-lin Apothecary. Wielder of plants (Floratide). Tall and Lanky. Known for his baggy robes, lined with pockets filled with knick knacks.
Carries a magical staff covered in runes. Argues like an old married couple with his fellow wielder council member, Feoldor.
Overcaptain Asa aye-sa Overcaptain under Tolin / Horsemen / Rough speaking. Brusk. Scars on face. Missing one eye. Gets pleasure out of making people
squirm with his empty socket. Age – Fifties.
Overcaptain Barthol Respuel bar-thol / res-pewl Under Captian of the king’s High Guard under Ayrion. Ayrion’s best friend. Giant of a man. Like a bear. Gruff. Loves his family.
Fiercely loyal to Ayrion.
Overlord Agnar ag-nar Overlord of Keldor
Overlord Meyrose may-rose Overlord of Briston
Overlord Saryn sar-en Overlord of Cylmar. Plans a coup with Prince Dakaran against the High King.
Pathfinder Arnst arn-st Scout that died by creatures
Pathfinder Bayle bay-le Scout, partner to Merrick. Strong Seafaring accent. Battle axe
Pathfinder Ellson el-son Scout, partner to Terris
Pathfinder Merrick mare-ick Scout, short round with square goatee. Bow and arrow. Leader and most outspoken of the pathfinders
Pathfinder Roan roe-un Scout that died by creatures
Pathfinder Terris tear-is Scout with scraggy hairy and beard. Broadsword. Slight country accent.
Pax’Sool pax-sool One of “The Five” top wizards under Aerodyne who helped found the first Wizard Order
Pendrick pen-drick noble bard whose melodies captured the hearts of a thousand women (maybe he had an enchanted instrument…like Ty?
Peyla pee-luh Baker’s Wife in Easthaven
Piel pee-el Head butler to Lord Barl. Chamberlain. Known for his feathered hats.
Pinon pi-non Peddler that raised Ferrin and Myriah. Former captain in the Keldoran army
Po poe One of the Street Kids Ayrion grew up with. Second in command under Kira/Red. A typical “Yes” Man
Prilla prill-la Wealthy Rhowynn Wielder council member.
Rae ray-uh Healer in the White Tower that Ferrin helps escape. Has a young daughter Suri. Very quiet. Hates men because of how she has
been treated her entire life. Although, after meeting Ferrin, her opinion slowly begins to change.
Raguel ruh-gool Master painter who after the death of his wife turned to morbid depictions of humanity.
Rascalian ras-scal-lee-un One of “The Five” top wizards under Aerodyne who helped found the first Wizard Order
Reevie ree-vee Ayrion’s best friend growing up on the streets of Aramoor. Curses by using medical terminology. Young healer.
Reloria ree-lor-ee-uh Owns the sweet shop / wielder of tastes (Telasero). Grandmotherly figure. Kind hearted.
Remi rem-ee Narrisa’s husband who she plans on killing if she ever escapes the Black Watch
Rhydan rye-dun High King of Elondria. Faith and just ruler. Loves his wife Elisse. A little naïve when it comes to magic. Elisse is the strategist.
Strong warrior. Mid sixties.
Rowen roe-en Apprentice to Valtor. Has an ugly deformity on the side of his face? Has a lust for dark magic.
Ryneer ren-neer Smithy Ferrin apprenticed too and purchased his smith when he retired
Sadie say-dee Young waitress at Zoralli’s Bistro in Elondria. Strong coastal Briston accent.
Saleena suh-leen-a Healer. Mistaken for a wielder and captured near Reed Marsh. Saved by Kellen, and then by Easthaven wielder council.
Sasha sah-shuh Shy girl from Aldwick who was captured by the Black Watch and placed in Ferrin’s wagon.
Shade shade Ayrion’s black Warhorse. Special bond between the two.
Sheeva she-va New member of council from Duport. Short cut white hair. Night Walker. Gift of invisibility. Assassin. Hardly ever speaks.
Her amber colored eyes watch everything.
Sora sor-uh Brennon’s wife who is also a prisoner with Ferrin
Soren sor-en Black watch rider under captain Hatch
Sorna Blaudell sor-nuh / blah-del Widow who has her sights set on Orlyn for last 20 years.
Suri sir-ee Rae’s daughter
Syglara sig-glar-uh Queen of the Dark Spiders
Tal Lahorn tal / lay-horn Farmer / Neighbor of Kellen
Taleen tuh-leen Patchfinder Merrick’s wife who longed to live in the city.
Tameel tuh-meel Peddler. Husband to Zynora. Part of the Dar Rhivanni Clan. Late seventies/eighties.
Tate tait Young street kid that Valtor turns into his first Shakar.
Teglas teg-lus Black Watch member whose neck Ferrin snapped
Telsa tel-suh A woman Ferrin’s age from Storyl who is also a prisoner in his wagon
Telvarran tel-var-un One of “The Five” top wizards under Aerodyne who helped found the first Wizard Order
Tess Lahorn tess – layhorn Youngest Daughter of Tal / 8 -11 years old
Thistle thiss-le Adarra’s mare
Tirana tear-an-uh Commander Tolin’s wife
Tolvin toll-vin Bulradoer from Elondria that fights Nyalis. Short stocky. Bearded. Doesn’t say much.
Trepin Odel trep-in / oh-dell Town Cobbler / Married
Ty tie Bearer of The Mark. Half human/half Fae. Adopted son of Kellen and Nilla. Given to the Easthaven Wielder Council by the
wizard Nyalis. Must learn to accept his magic. Able to do things no other wielder can. Love hate relationship with Lyessa.
Under-Captain Bashan bay-shun In charge of the Elondrian foot soldiers under Captain Janus
Valtor/Milo val-tor / my-low Arch Chancellor of the White Tower. Dark Sorcerer. Advisor to the Prince. Manipulative. Craves power. Sees a war coming between
those with magic and those without. Desires to free the Dark Wizard Aerodyne and allow the Ven’ae to rule over the Jun’ri.
Veldon vel-dun Portmaster for Easthaven. Head of Easthaven wielder council. Fire wielder (Incindi). Barrell chest. Bald head. Nervous tick: rub
his forehead with his hankerchief.
Waddle wad-dle Ty’s horse
Widow Windel win-dell Dressed her pony in her husband’s suit and tried to marry him.
Willard wil-lerd A cooper in Syrel
Your Highness hī-ness Kellen’s horse, a bit high spirited, chestnut in color.
Zynora zin-or-uh Old peddler. Tameel’s wife. Member of the Dar Rhivanni Clan. Strong wielder capable of unleashing heavy blasts of air.
Groups | Races
Ven’ae ven-ay Those with magic
Jun’ri joon-ree Those without magic
Bandi Archer ban-dee / ar-cher Tribe of warriors archers said to be able to split a field gnat at a three hundred paces. They are raised in the Westlands
Bulradoer bull-ruh-due-er Dark wielders who follow the teachings of Aerodyne after The Fall. Serve the White Tower and its Arch Chancellor.
Legate leg-et Clerics within the White Tower in charge of the collection of information.
Dar dar Tinker Clan that Tameel and Zynora belong to.
Keldoran Dancers kel-dor-un Troup of Acrobats that performed for the court of Keldor. Ferrin references them.
Khul hordes kul / hord Giant savage orgre-like creatures with no hair living in Cavern areas of the Northern Expanse.
Half man/half something else. Created by Aerodyne during Wizard Wars. Known as the Scourge
Nathillian People nuh-thil-lee-an Gypsies / Nomadic Tribes
Navi Council nah-vee Council of non-wielders who wanted to rid Aldor of magic.
Night Walkers Bred as a weapon with the blood of dragons, walked away from killing a thousand years ago
Northmen/Tallosians tuh-low-sian Live in the mountains on the Isle of Tallos. Wear clothing of human scalps into battle. Having stepped foot in Aldor in a century.
Rabid Pigmies rabid / pig-mees Live in the Jungle south west of Cylmar just over the Khezrian Wall
Rhivanni ri-von-ee Tinkers/Traveling People
Scorvinians scor-vin-ee-ans Race from out of the Westlands
The Ashanti Healers uh-shon-tee Nyalis protects them on a pilgrimage to the forgotten city.
The Departed Special group of dark magic wizards, imprisoned within the Pits of As’goreth after the Wizard Wars.
The High Guard Elite fighters led by the Guardian Protector. Their uniforms are black with the crest of a silver/white Falcon.
Upaka Oo-pok-uh Mistranslated from the original tongue as Warrior, but it’s a derivative of the word Upakora with meant Protector.
They are Mercenaries. Ayrion’s family.
Wengoby Priests wen-gah-bee Spiritual Shamans that lived in the Wyngobee Dessert. Worshiped the image of an ancient Fae overlord.


Aldor ăl-dor The Land of Aldor is made up of five kingdoms, Elondria, Sidara, Keldor, Briston, and Cylmar
Aldoran Kingdoms al-dor-un The five kingdoms of Aldor: Elondria, Sidara, Keldor, Cylmar, Briston
Kingdom of Briston bris-ton Smallest of the five kingdoms of Aldor. Capital city in Duport. Colors are Blue/White
Kingdom of Cylmar seal-mar Fourth largest kindgom in Aldor. Capital city is Pirn. Colors are black/Red
Kingdom of Elondria ee-lon-dree-uh The largest kingdom in Aldor. Holds the captial city of Aramoor where the High King’s palace is.
Colors are Crimson/Gold. Crest is a High sun overshadowing a golden crown.
Kingdom of Keldor kel-dor Third largest kingdom in Aldor. Captial city is Rhowynn. Colors are Orange/Purple or Brown
Kingdom of Sidara si-dar-uh Second largest kingdom in Aldor. Covered mostly in forest. Easthaven is the captial city.
Colors are Green/Yellow. Crest is a large green leafed Oack with wide spread branches.
Bodies of Water
Amadi River uh-mah-dee Northwest Briston
Bay of Mist Located between the east coast of Sidara and the Isle of Tallos
Bay of Torrin tor-in Located in South Elondria. Connects the Shamoa River to the Rhunarin Ocean
Bul River bull River stemming from Southern Razor’s Spine around north side of Rhyndir. Joins with the Isra River to form the Bul’Isra
Crystal Lake largest body of water in Sidara
East River Largest river in Sidara. Runs from the Angoran Mountains to the Rhunarin Ocean
Gint River Pours into Lake Yarrin in Briston
Isra River ees-ruh River stemming from Southern Razor’s Spine around south side of Rhyndir. Joins with the Bul River to form the Bul’Isra
Lake Baeron bare-eon Northeast Keldor
Lake Nari nar-ee Northern lake in Cylmar. Bordering capital city of Pirn
Lake Yarrin yar-in end of Virn Run in Elondria
Leek River Pours into the East River from Razor Spine Mt.
Ozrin Sea oz-rin Eastern Sea off the coast of Briston/Sidara
Prann River pron River from Black Hills to Rhunarin Ocean in Elondria
Praxil Lake prax-il On the border of Sidara and Keldor
Pyruvian River pie-rue-vee-in Borders Elondra and Cylmar
Rhunarin Ocean rue-nar-in
Shemoa River she-mo-uh River from Bay of Torrin up through Sandrethin Mts. through Elondria and Keldor to Slags and Northern Heights.
Taloos River tuh-loose Runs from Lake Baeron south into the Shemoa River
Tansian River tan-zee-un Runs from the Sandrethin Mts straight through Aramoor and out into the Bay.
Tara Springs tar-uh North East Keldor. Foothills of the Northern Heights
Virn Run vern run Runs from the Angoran Mountains to the Riverlands and out into the Rhunarin Ocean
Mountain Ranges
Angoran Mountains an-gor-un Bordering Northern Sidara
Ash Mount Erupted in Dorn
Khezrian Wall kez-ree-un Range of Mts that border the east of Aldor
Mts of Eska’la es-cah-la
Northern Heights hights Northern border of Keldor
Pass of Arnon are-non leads to the White Tower
Sandrethin Mountains san-dreth-in Borders the capital city of Aramoor
The Black Hills Mt. Range forming a border between Northern Elondria and Northern Cylmar
Ula’Ree Mountains oo-la-ree Mt. Range forming the border between Cylmar and Keldor
Hopper’s Ridge
Forests| Grasslands | Marshes | Deserts |Valleys
Glasslands of Tekoa teh-koh-uh Large grassy plains on the western side of Sidara
Ilse of Delga del-guh Located off the southwestern coast of Elondria
Isle of Tallos tal-lows Covered with mountainous terrain where the great northern tribes relocated
Isle of the Forgotten Leper colonies are sent there
Meerwood Forest in North Sidara between Crystal Lake and the Angoran Mts.
Reed Marsh Large marshlands found in central Sidara, west of Easthaven.
Rymiran Plains reh-meer-un Open plains on the north of Elondria
Shale Hollow
Sidaran Forest sĭ-dar-un The largest woodlands in Aldor, running from the Angoran Mts to the Razor Spine Mts.
The Blue Islands Located of the southeastern coast of Briston
The Slags Marshlands in northern Keldor found at the base of the Northern Heights.
Thornwood Forest in northern Elondria, bordering the southers edge of the Razor Spine Mts.
Valley of Bones A baren valley surrounded on all sides by low-rising mountains in central Keldor
Wengoby Desert win-gob-ee Desertlands west of the Khezrian Wall
Noted Landmarks
Dragon Fang It was one of the peaks that made up a small cluster on the western edge of the Northern Heights.
Mt. peak where Upakans train their children to climb.
Gates of Bel’Taag bel-tog Separate Aldor from the Frozen North
Pits of Aran’gal air-un-gol The place of Goroth’s prison deep underground.
T’Ross Mauktor ter-ross / mock-tor The room of a thousand nightmares, where Valtor experiments on the homeless.  Birthplace of the Shakar.
Taerin nu’Cyllian tare-en / new-see-lee-un Goroth’s prison. Means in the Fae tongue – Tomb of the Abandoned
The Lost Keep of Aero’set air-o-set A wizard’s stronghold
The Salt Mines of Delga del-guh Used as a way for prisoners to cut down their sentences by working it off.
Y’tarra EE-tar-uh “The In Between.” Middle realm between the realm of man and the realm of fae.
The Frozen North Barren Wasteland North of Aldor
The Ice Caves


Elondrian Cities
Aramoor air-uh-moor Captital City Elondria and home of High King
Belbridge bel-bridge Small village where Cylmar and Elondria face off.
Carran sar-on Mid Eastern Elondria on Virn Run
Fayburn fae-burn Southern coastal city on the Rhunarin Ocean
Iraseth ear-uh-seth Elondria near plains of Rymiran
Laneer luh-neer South Elondrian City
Lorel lor-el Southern coastal city on the Bay of Torrin
Neese neece Port city of the Isle of Delga
Raine rain Mid Elondria
Rhyndir ren-deer Elondria city on Virn Run
Saag sog South west Elondria
Syrel sir-el North Elondria
Terhi tear-ee Elondria
Vinten vin-ten Coastal city on the Rhunarin Ocean
Sidaran Cities
Aldwick ald-wick Western border of Sidara on the Taloos River
Belvin bel-vin Small town in between Woodvale and Wellhollow.
Braedon bray-don South Sidara
Easthaven east-hay-ven Sidaran town closed to Ty’s home Keldor
Floran flor-un Small Town to the east of Belvin
Hedgemont hedge-mont South of Praxil Lake
Highcrest hi-crest Town in Southern Sidara / Mountains with ocean view / Aiden Raycrest’s home
Kariss car-iss South Sidaran City near Reed Marsh
Niska nis-cuh Western border of Sidara on the Taloos River, south of Lake Baeron
Riverton river-ton East River Sidara
Saeida say-ee-duh Small town in Sidara south of Belvin
Storyl stor-l Western border of Sidara on Praxil Lake
Wellhollow well-hollow Mountain Village in Sidara
Windmeer wind-meer Coastal Sidara
Woodvale wood-vale Village in Sidara
Keldoran Cities
Chorazin cor-uh-zin West Keldor
Kai kay-eye North of Tara Springs
Makeda muh-kee-duh West Keldor
Norshag nor-shag Dark city in Northern Keldor / Near the Slagmire
Oswell oz-well East Keldor
Pinnella pin-nel-uh Southwest Keldor
Rhowynn row-wen New Capital City of Dorn north of Border Lake Briston
The Lost City Old Capital City of Keldor before Mount Protus erupted
Cylmaran Cities
Dorwall dor-wall Mid Cylmar town on the Ryne
Ecrin eck-rin Capital City of Cylmar
Erast air-ast Cylmaran
Gnarr nar South Cylmar
Khartag kar-tog Cylmar town near Black Hills
Pirn pern South of Lake Nari on the Ryne River
Briston Cities
Azmar az-mar Port city of The Blue Isle’s
Balmir bal-meer South Briston
Delyum dee-lee-um Mountain/coastal town in Briston
Dormane dor-mane East Briston Coastal
Duport doo-port Capitol City of Briston / Port City
Goren gor-en East Briston
Haran huh-ron North Briston
Koall cole West Briston town


Aramoor Streets
Barel Street barl Southernmost Street that dead ends at the Avalanche headquarters. Cutter sets his trap.
Bay Street runs between the Shipping District and The Maze/Cheapside
Borell bor-el North West Merchant District
Forntin Forn-tin Crosses North Avis just north of King’s Square
Grisdale Northwest
Grisdale Southwest
Kingsway West
Kingsway East
Aramoor’s main thoroughfair that runs from the east gate to the palace, splitting the city North and South
Mora mor-uh Street that runs the northern border to the Warrens
Nimbin Way nim-bin Comander Tolin’s former address
North Avis
South Avis
aye-vis Aramoor’s main thoroughfair that run north to south, splitting the city East and West
Pilneth Lane pil-neth Runs north/south on Mora, close to The Pit
Rigdin rig-din North side of Aramoor. The western boundary for Rockslide’s territory. Border between Rockslide and Sandstorm.
Terrence Lance tare-ence Runs in front of The Temple
Tilferd til-ferd Runs parallel to Kingsway East, part of shopping district.
Trollin Avenue trol-lin Cattycorner to Kings Way West in South West Merchant District
Wall Street Perimeter road that ran adjacent to the wall
Easthaven Streets
Aldcliff ald-cliff Easthaven street on the northwest side of the city between Woodvale and the Harbor House.
Bullmar bull-mar Easthaven street that holds Fergus’s Smithy
Lynden lin-den Easthaven street that runs parallel to River street between the shopping district and the Dockworks on the east side.
River Street Easthaven’s main thoroughfare, running north and south.
Woodvale Easthaven’s main thoroughfare, running east and west.
Rhowynn Streets
Pree Lane pree Street which holds Lord Harlin’s estate where the wielder council meets every third Sixth Day
Telvis tel-vis Cross Telvis to get to Pree Lane.


Months of the Year
Aèl ā-el Month 1
Sòl soul Month 2
Nùwen new-wen Month 3
Manù mah-new Month 4
Toff toff Month 5
Kwàn quon Month 6
Nor nor Month 7
Èldwin el-dwin Month 8
Kùma koo-muh Month 9
Akòsi uh-kah-see Month 10
Èshan eh-shun Month 11
Zùl zool Month 12


Beetle Vine Crawling its way up the side of
Cantermelon can-ter-mel-un A type of like watermelon – Yellow nector insides
Costa Root cah-stuh Nyalis fed to baby Ty. Grows in mountainous regions. It’s juices are bitter, but life sustaining.
Dorak Root dor-ak ?
Dragon Root Reduces stomach disorder
Dragon’s Breath Blooms in cold climates / has an aversion to heat. If you breath on it, it shrinks.
Elder Pine el-der Some of the tallest and oldest of Aldor’s trees
Elderberries el-der-bare-ees Treat pain, infection, skin condition
Hemper Vine him-per Reduce swelling from bug bites
Leech Root Very Bad Taste
Lemon Balm Leaves used for a tea to help with sleeping / King Rhydan’s nightcap
Mandrack man-drak Herb used in a tonic by Reevie for Anesthetic purposes.
Milkweed Poisonous to animals, mainly dogs
Mugwort Relieves foot ailments
Prickle Vine Annoying little thorns that hook on to clothing and skin
Spirit of Hartshorn heart-shorn Smelling salts used to arouse consciousness.
Tryalis tree-al-iss ?
Tulfer Weed toll-fir Herb that lowers swelling
Tundra Vines tun-druh Vines that wrap around their prey, squeezing them to death.
Tusca Root tuss-kuh Small plants with milky insides for basic nourishment.
Valerian vuh-lair-ee-un Herb used in a tonic by Reevie for Anesthetic purposes.
Willow Bark Herb used in a tonic by Reevie for Anesthetic purposes.
Yarrow yar-o Herb used in a tonic by Reevie for Anesthetic purposes.
Yularis you-lar-iss Plant sap used to render the unconscious, natural anesthesia


Bog Toad
Desert Sherakin share-uh-kin Beast of burden in the dessert. Tough leathery skin
Dirt Digger A large mole like creature
Dung Beetle
Glow Flies Glow Flies
Keldoran Sand Flea kel-dor-un
Mountain Stallion
Night Fox Call for a mate at night.
Phylero Spider fill-air-o One bite Paralysis you.
RazorBack Enormous Lizard Creature: 14 span with tail and rows of sharp teeth. / crawls on all fours
Red Flit Hummingbird Dances in the air. Small and fast.
Sand Targ Burrowing creature that lives in the desert. Usually spotted near a water source. Desert Nomads treat them with care.
Seeing them can meet water nearby.
Silver Fly Pesky little flies that swarm around ?
Swamp Turtle
Tree Rat Squirrel
Wolvine wool-vine Part wolverine/part cat. Quick and deadly.
Zyntar zin-tar Elephant like creature with 6 legs. Large beast of burden used in heavy labor
Arachnobe uh-rack-nobe Monster Spiders
Corax cor-ax Unit of Raven / Hunters/Trackers of the White Tower
Drakkar druh-kar Form of small dragon-like creature. When magic is introduced to grow into a full Dragon.
Hor’hounds hore-hound Great beast called by Valtor / one part wolf, one part canine, one part magic.
Horned Dragon mythical creature brought over from the realm of Fae
Orm Huge worm-like creature that burrows vast tunnels under the earth.
Roc Giant Bird-like creature used for aerial assault. Tamed and ridden during height of Magic during Second Age
Rock Trolls
Sand Orm Come up out of the sand and snatch people and animals.
Shade Shade – can walk thru walls. Non-Corporeal
Shak’tor shock-tor Creatures formed by dark magic / used to do their masters bidding / humanoid with animalistic features.
Sniffers Dark creatures created to smell magic.  2-3 head taller than a man, elongated fingers and arms, long moss-like hair,
skin is moist like stepping out of a swamp.
Soulless Men twisted by the Dark One / Rumored to steal your soul if you looked on their gaze.
Tonga Troll Apparently love to drink.
Vulraak vul-rack humans possessed by darkness and mutated. The name means: People of the Shadows (Shadow People).
They are the essence of dark wizards whose former selves were transformed and trapped inside a talisman???
Wyvern why-virn Small two legged dragon-like creature


Terms | Objects | Incantations
? Throwing fire
? For allowing Mangora to see through Syglara’s eyes
Adama Layestra uh-dah-muh / lay-es-truh Runic words Nyalis used to clean the babes soiled wrapping.
Aquaria levidia uh-quar-ee-uh / leh-vid-ee-uh Gilly’s water incantation for make it spin
Aura or-uh A type of vibration felt by magic wielders that depict hostel intent or otherwise.
Avalda uh-vol-duh “Reveal” / Estonian translation
Cessation Spell seh-say-shun Cuts off all magic within the bubble of the spell
Compulsion cum-pull-shun Manipulation of one’s mind by magic
Durma dir-muh Faerie Collar created to control a wielder’s power. It can only be opened with a key that fits into an unseen lock on the back.
It glows brighter the closer it is to the collar.
Galaerion Sugethru guh-LARE-ee-un / soo-geth-roo
Hedimari Loam heed-ĭ-mar-ee / low-um Concotion of wet soil from Hedimari that contains strong healing powers and negates magic used on someone. Mangora used it
Iryseth a’ Daomon ear-uh-seth / ah-day-o-mon (Fae) Calling Tor from the Waters of Asterith, with wave of Nyalis hand.
Mirrors of Maon may-own Traveling Mirrors. Must know the names of the two you’re traveling through and call them out in succession.
Nathleen Filaurel [noth-leen | fil-ar-el]
Ocnubian, Valtor ock-new-bee-un “Show Me…Valtor”
Scying Stones scree-ing Each engraved with a Rune that glows pale green. Used to link those who have them
Shorlock shor-lock A magical key used to reveal and unlock magical spells.
Sikreeyo Padorum she-kree-o / puh-dor-um “Hide Image” from Black Crystal
Soriento Soriento
Suethian Tares’ayden Duwanite sue-eth-ee-un / tare-es-ay-den
/ doo-ah-nite
Nyalis raising his protective wall around Jun Forest
Ter’ak tare-ack Weapon from the wizard wars. Blade Hilt that forms a flaming sword, whip, axe, or whatever
The Watchers  Stone Gargoyles protecting the Waters of Asterith inside the White Tower.
The Waters of A’sterith ass-tare-ith Basin holding the silver liquid used for communication from Nyalis’s garden.
Un’Trefairno De’Copia oon-truh-fare-no /
Healing Incantation used by Fraya
Vera’Sintorum vere-uh-sin-tor-um Incantation Nyalis gave council to open box with horn
Voyestra voy-es-truh Incantation to light something with flame: candle, hearth
Zintari Freyestra / Zintari Folduru zin-tar-ee / fray-es-truh
zin-tar-ee / full-doo-roo
Healing incantation of the Rivahnni for infectious wounds.
Types of Magic Wielders
? Creating Order (Ilene on Rhowynn Wielder Council)
? Manipulate emotions (Ella on Rhowynn Wielder Council)
Elementalist el-eh-men-toll-ist Name for magic users who can manipulate the elements of nature
Floratide flor-uh-tide Manipulate Plant life
Healer Gift of healing
Incindi in-sin-dee Manipulate Fire
Invisibility Or anything their hands can touch. But only up to a certain size…the larger the object the more energy required.
Memoriae mem-or-ee-ay Photographic Memory / Only remember when something is seen.
Metallurgist Manipulate metals
Perfect Aim
Precognitive Viewing pree-cog-nuh-tiv Ayrion’s gift of warning. His grandfather had the same gift.
Puller Can extract thoughts from people’s minds
Pusher Can plant thoughts in people’s minds
Telasero tel-uh-sare-o Manipulate taste
Vanti von-tee Manipulate air
Voda voh-duh Manipulate water


  1. Charles A Kania

    I enjoyed the Aldoran Chronicles and am looking forward to the third book. The title, While Tower, caught my attention because I had just got done rereading the Wheel of Time series for the second time. I read them years ago when I was in the navy. Anyways, I had read a couple of short story Prequals for the Wheel of Time and thought The White Tower was another prequal. To my delight I enjoyed a whole new world to explore. I am now reading The Street Rats of Aramoor. Thanks for the great stories and can’t wait for the third book in the Aldoran Chronicles.

    • Michael Wisehart

      Hey Charles,

      Thanks for reaching out. I love Jordan’s work. Along with Lord of the Rings, the Wheel of Time is one of the foundational epic fantasies of our time. To be honest, I do get a lot of readers comparing my work to Jordan’s, mostly in style and scope. I’ve had a few who, like you, were curious if there was a relationship between them.

      I read Wheel of Time years ago, and to be honest did not remember that the tower in Tar Valon was called the White Tower until after I’d published it and had readers asking. If I had remembered that, I might have chosen a different name. I just liked the idea of the (dark side) choosing to wrap themselves in white, hence the Black Watch wearing (white) mantels. 🙂

      I’m working on the next books in both series at present. Lots to come!


      • Stephen Speziale

        I just finished the 3 books in The Aldoran Chronicles. Please tell me there is a fourth book. No ones story is finished.


        • Michael Wisehart

          Hi Stephen,

          Funny you should ask, as I just finished putting the finishing touches on my Wielder Council newsletter, informing my readers of my writing updates, which includes where I’m at on upcoming books. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, you can do so here:

          Also, I have several progress bars built onto the homepage of my website which visually demonstrate what I’m currently working on. Another way to keep up with me, and one that I tend to use the most, when communicating with my readers is following my Facebook page:

          To answer your question – Yes, there will be a fourth book in the Aldoran Chronicles. I also strongly suggest, if you haven’t already, reading the Street Rats of Aramoor series. The characters and storyline in those books play a very heavy role in the Aldoran Chronicles, starting with The Four-Part Key.

          Hope this helps,

  2. Christine

    I just finished reading The White Tower. I really enjoyed it! I’m a teacher so I just can’t help but comment on just one thing, sorry. There were several grammatical errors. Probably not many would notice but I had a hard time ignoring them, sorry!! Still plan on writing a good review and reading the next one in the series!

    • Michael Wisehart

      Hi Christine,

      I apologize for the grammatical hiccups you came across. I am currently in the middle of having the book completely re-edited by a team of editors. Which means, I could either wait for months until all of them are finished before re-uploading the new edition, or I could go ahead and upload new material as they work through it. I opted for letting my readers get the new material rather than wait until my copy editor did a final cleaning. It was a tough choice to make. My line editor has made it through the entire script, and my content editor is about 2/3 through. Once he finishes, then I have a copy editor go through and clean all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation, then a final copy editor/proofreader to make doubly sure. A very long and drawn out process. One I wish I had had the budget to complete before first publishing. I do appreciate the review! They are a huge help. If you haven’t read the first two books in the Street Rats of Aramoor series yet, make sure to grab a copy. It’s all about Ayrion. 🙂

  3. Tanya R

    Wow! Your book transported me to a beautifully created, magical new world. I absolutely loved it! I’m looking forward to reading your books to come.

    • Michael Wisehart

      Hi Tanya. Which book did you read: The White Tower or Banished, or Shackled? Whichever it was, I’m glad you enjoyed it! If you haven’t yet already done so, feel free to share that love as a Review on Amazon. They are really helpful. Thanks for reaching out.

      • Tanya

        Hi:) I’ve read The White Tower and Shackled. I’m excited to start Banished, as Ayrion is probably my favorite character so far.
        I will most definitely share on Amazon.
        I think it is awesome that you take the time to respond to your readers comments… thanks!

        • Michael Wisehart

          Everything I do is for my readers. And until the point that it becomes logistically impossible to continue to do so, I will respond to everything I can. I’m glad to have you on board the series. I hope you enjoy Banished. Its sequel, Hurricane, will be released on the 23rd of this month. 😉

        • EWF

          Hey Micheal! I loved the street rats of aramoor series, I’ve read all 5 and now am moving onto the white tower. However, I’m curious on the direction you have taken the sequel series. Should I expect fun, intense but touching fantasy where the characters continue to grow or more of a game of thrones vibe where all the characters you created in the prequel series get murdered/destroyed/corrupted throughout the sequel series? Obviously you can’t mention spoilers, but if it’s the latter I’ll probably avoid the sequels and leave the street rats of aramoor as the positive and fun experience I had with it.

          • Michael Wisehart

            Hi EWF (Tanya),

            The best way for me to answer your question is to say that I personally am not a fan of the grimdark genre. The master series (The Aldoran Chronicles) won’t be exactly like the Street Rats in that it takes place on a much grander scale and with a host of main characters, of which Ayrion is one. You can’t have light without darkness, but I don’t dwell on the darkness as those in the grimdark genre tend toward, where you can’t generally tell the hero from the villain. Some readers enjoy those types of stories.

            The first book in the Aldoran Chronicles is probably the darkest because it introduces the readers to the world of the White Tower. You can start with the Aldoran Chronicles prequel (Shackled) to get an idea of what’s to come. The book is a free download. You can find the link in the back of all the Street Rats books.

            Hope that helps,

  4. Judy A Bridges

    I truly enjoyed your book. Just wish the 2nd book was available.

    • Michael Wisehart

      Hi Judy,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. I will be publishing the first book in the new offshoot series “Street Rats of Aramoor” early this fall. It’s the story of a thirteen-year-old Ayrion and his battle to survive the treacherous street tribes as a homeless urchin. The first draft of the second book in the Aldoran Chronicles series is complete. I’m also working to create and publish the audiobook version of The White Tower later this Fall. One way to keep up with the writing is to like me on Facebook:

      If you haven’t already done so, and wouldn’t mind helping me out, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a quick review on Amazon. The reviews are very helpful in getting my book seen by others. -Thanks!

  5. Mattix Renko

    I cant tell you how much i enjoyed your book… I can not wait to read the 2nd installment. I was literally hooked within the 1st 10pgs. I love how you have a wide range of characters, giving many points of view to the overall story. For me personally, that is a must to keep my attention. I was so glad that you put in some court life/politics peppered throughout the story. I absolutely love and respect the fully fleshed out magic system you’ve created. You have my utter attention- so excited for Aldoran chronicles #2!

    • Michael Wisehart

      Hi Mattix,

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. If you haven’t already done so, and wouldn’t mind helping me out, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a quick review on Amazon. The reviews are very helpful in getting my book seen by others. You could simply copy and paste what you wrote here. -Thanks!

      Have a wonderful week,


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