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The Starter Set comes with the prequel and first book in The Aldoran Chronicles, along with the first book in the Street Rats of Aramoor. Both series are written within the same world, but thirteen years apart.


The Aldoran Chronicles

In Progress!

Winner – National IE Award for Fantasy.
Winner – Readers Favorite for Epic Fantasy.
Winner – Beverly Hill Award for Epic Fantasy.
RunnerUp – Kindle Book Awards for Fantasy.


They are feared, hated, hunted down, and destroyed…

… and yet they are mankind’s last hope.

For a thousand years magic has been banished throughout the Five Kingdoms, and those caught wielding it are rounded up and taken to the White Tower. They are never heard from again.

TY knows he’s different. And when the bounty hunters arrive in the quiet city of Easthaven, his family is forced to reveal the shocking truth about his magical bloodline, a secret that threatens not only his life, but the lives of everyone around him…including LYESSA. As the daughter of an overlord, and a skilled fighter, Lyessa will one day be expected to rule. However, when an Ahvari witch hires a tribe of Northmen to capture Ty, the two find themselves in the middle of a war they didn’t know existed…

Armed with nothing but his will to survive, FERRIN attempts what no prisoner has ever accomplished and vows to escape the White Tower. His only hope is RAE, a gifted healer tasked with keeping the prisoners alive during the inquisitors’ brutal interrogations. Will she be willing to risk her own life for that same chance of freedom…

AYRION outworked his fellow soldiers for years to become captain of the guard. But his strength and valor alone won’t be enough to stop the bloodthirsty creatures coming for his king, or protect the woman he loves from the king’s son. And when a sweeping number of the city’s outcasts begin to mysteriously disappear, he realizes that the threat is closer than he knew…

War is coming, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the time of the Khul Hordes. How will humanity fight back when those with the ability to do so are being exterminated?

Street Rats of Aramoor

Completed Series!

★★★★★ “I’ve read almost 1,000 books and this one is at the top” – Amazon Reviewer
★★★★★ “It’s like I have a mini-movie playing in my head” – Amazon Reviewer
★★★★★ “A book that I can let my children read also. Please keep writing” – Amazon Reviewer


Being the best isn’t always a good thing.

Desperate to become the youngest warrior of his clan, Ayrion will stop at nothing to reach his goal, not even the one thing all Upakans fear…

… Magic.

However, when a fatal accident forces him to flee, Ayrion barters passage aboard the only ship willing to take one of his kind…A Cursed Ship.

With nothing but the clothes on his back, Ayrion sets sail for the royal city of Aramoor in hopes of making a name for himself. Little does he know how deadly those streets can be.

Life doesn’t always hand you what you want, sometimes you have to take it.

The series takes place over the course of 7 years as it follows a not-so-common street urchin named Ayrion, who struggles to survive the deadly underbelly of the capital city. Ayrion learns very quickly the importance of choosing his friends wisely.

Surrounded by a rag-tag group of street kids, his presence causes a ripple effect that is felt all the way to the throne.

Action, Adventure, Mystery, and Magic . . . with a healthy dose of humor thrown in for good measure.

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