WARNING: Even though the two series are independent of each other, it is strongly recommended that you read the prequel series first: Street Rats of Aramoor. Most important is the first book (Banished). You do not want to start reading the 3rd and 4th books in the Aldoran Chronicles without having read it first.

Street Rats of Aramoor

The Street Rats of Aramoor is a prequel series to the Aldoran Chronicles saga. The first book (Banished) begins 20 years prior to the first book in the Aldoran Chronicles (The White Tower). The Street Rats series takes place over the course of 7 years as it follows a younger Ayrion as he learns to survive on the streets of the capital city.

The Aldoran Chronicles

For a thousand years, those without magic have ruled, and those with it have remained hidden. Those born with gifts struggle every day to keep them secret.

The end of the Third Age is approaching and the winds of change are blowing once more. Magic is on the rise. Those who seek to exploit it, as well as those who seek to defend it, will once again be forced to stand and fight for what they believe is right.

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