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How To Leave A Book Review

LATEST NEWS AND INFORMATION How To Leave A Review On Amazon Michael Wisehart 20 August 2016 Leaving a review on Amazon is the easiest way to say Thank You to an author. Positive reviews encourage readers to try the book while at the same time show Amazon that the book...

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The White Tower Cover Art Progression

LATEST NEWS The White Tower Cover Art Progression   Michael Wisehart 4 August 2016 The below images are the first two sketches my illustrator gave me when we first began our work on designing the White Tower. He started the process by creating six simple sketch...

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Fantasy Map Making

LATEST NEWS How I Made My Fantasy Map Michael Wisehart 4 July 2016 I thought it was rather apropos to write this article today for it was exactly two years ago today that I first began work on what is now my Cartography of Aldor. Many people have asked me over the...

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Off To The Editor

LATEST NEWS The White Tower Is Off To The Editor Michael Wisehart 4 July 2016 I was finally able to put the finishing touches on The White Tower manuscript this past weekend. It coincided with the completion of a three-week long self-edit of the full book. With my...

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From First Draft To Final

LATEST NEWS From First Draft To Final Michael Wisehart 4 July 2016 In my last post I talked about the Importance Of Beta Readers in my writing process. In this post I am going to discuss the changes that took place in my manuscript as I went through each round of Beta...

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Importance Of Beta Readers

LATEST NEWS The Importance Of Beta Readers Michael Wisehart 3 July 2016 I am a firm believer in the use of Beta Readers. Even in the short time that I've been writing, I have met a number of authors who have never availed themselves to the benefits a team of...

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Building A Website

LATEST NEWS How I Built My Website Michael Wisehart 2 July 2016 Over the years I've managed to build six or seven websites for myself and my work. I definitely do not claim to be a web developer or designer, but after having worked with a few who just couldn't give me...

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Creating A Rune Font

LATEST NEWS How I Created My Own Font Michael Wisehart 1 July 2016 For the last six months to a year I've been using a certain set of Rune Fonts as the perimeter decoration for both my map and the cover art to my book. However, I knew I didn't want to use a stock font...

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